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The Family Business Association is the leading independent, non-profit organization serving family business enterprises in New England. It provides educational programming and a forum for these businesses to collaboratively exchange knowledge and experience. The FBA is dedicated to the recognition and implementation of best business practices and ethical standards among these enterprises.

It takes hard work, determination and persistence for a family business to succeed. It also means being willing to take risks. Family businesses face the same tough challenges every other business endures but they also encounter a unique set of personal and professional challenges that non-family businesses could never imagine.

Despite these obstacles, family businesses power our economic engine and are the backbone of the United States economy. Family businesses provide significant employment opportunities, revenue generation, economic growth, and are also traditionally active within their local communities.

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We have a comprehensive and growing database of more than 6,000 New England family business owners and senior executives. They can tap into our various resources for education, public relations, marketing, networking, and finding the best partners and service providers. Members are able to learn and connect through conferences, award programs, webinars, E-news, websites, seminars, the magazine, social events, and more. Virtually all of our members are involved in the business and purchasing decision for their organizations.


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